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by Georges Alexandar •

The MK Medic Face Mask: The reusable, washable, and sustainable textile face mask designed to protect us and our planet.

Our triple-layered tightly-knit face masks - unique on the market. Special offer - see below! Sadly, we’ve come to realize that, despite our wishes, COVID-19 isn’t going away anytime soon. That brings us to adapt and take the necessary steps towards these challenging times. We’ve all been told, wearing a face mask, washing our hands, and respecting social distancing is the best thing we can do to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and anyone else we come in contact with. Face masks no doubt reduce the transmission of the virus. The Case Against Disposable Masks: Disposable masks are simply not an eco-friendly choice. These face coverings are made from non-woven fabric, specifically polypropylene - in other words, plastic. Besides the fact that these masks have a limited life-span, they do not decompose, they are not recyclable, and pollute our grounds; even if disposed “correctly”, these masks stay in our land-fills until they are burned, releasing toxins in the air. The disposable masks we find on the ground not only pollute our lands but result breaking into microscopic pieces and end up in our water. So let’s make a small, yet powerful change and abandon the single-use disposable mask and wear an equally safe, environmentally friendly and hygienic MK Medic mask. About MK Medic: MK Medic is part of Maxime Knitting, a company that has been in the textile and mattress business since 1985. We use an enduring and reusable fabric. Our masks are washable. Use them, wash them, and use them again. No pollution, no land fill, no damage. Plus, you control what’s on your face. Here’s what the World Health Organization is saying about reusable masks. Use a fabric mask that has at least 3 layersOpt for woven fabric which is commonly used for bed sheets due to a higher thread count. The tighter the weave, the higher the thread count, therefore better protection, as long as it is still breathable. Our fabrics, due to their extremely thin fibers has a natural tighter weave and a high thread count, and are soft to the touch, with a silky feel, making sure it does not irritate your skin. We also include an anti-bacterial filter inside our masks which protects the fabric against bacteria and fungus. The advantages of an MK Medic Mask. 1 - Three layers of woven fabric. This fabric is used for our bedding gear, tightly woven therefore blocking particles from permeating our masks 2- We include an anti-bacterial filter inside our 3- layered masks. 3 - Soft to the touch, doesn’t irritate skin 4- Breathable, which is really important. 5- Does not leave any compression marks on your face 6- Machine washable and therefore reusable for a long time (we hope, of course, masks will not be needed forever) MK Medic tips: To make sure your fabric mask provides the protection that you need, try this test: Hold the mask against the light; if you can see through it, then it’s too thin and not sufficiently knit to provide the protection needed. Bandanas or t-shirt fabric are not tightly knit enough to protect you or others. It can’t be used as a face covering. Our masks come in 5 different colours: Polar White, Bionic Blue, Dark Knight, Glorious Grey, and Magic MintAll have 3 layers of tightly knit fabric with an anti-microbial coatingFit comfortably with over-the-ear elastic bandsAll come in packs of 5 so you can have one for your loved ones as well. MK Medic Mask Care Instructions: At the end of each day, put your mask in the washing machine (60 ° C maximum) or wash it by hand. Let it dry overnight or in a dryer (50 ° C maximum) and you’ll be ready to protect you and others the following day. No need to use softener. Price: $ 39.95 CAD for a pack of 5 masks. ($7.99 CAD / mask) Use our promo code MK25 to get a 25% discount at checkout. Shop your MK Medic masks here 1. 2.

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